Among the many advantages of working for Google is the step is to step away from work and take a power sleep. The Energy Pod is an imaginative and rich answer for a current issue. After years of research, the world’s first chair planned particularly for napping combines style with ergonomic usefulness to make the perfect energy improving environment.
This strange looking Energy Pod by Metronaps which Google gives to its workers for taking naps is one such item. In terms of form, we don’t think it can be cooler than this; with respect to function, it leans back occupants to the ideal resting position while playing encompassing sounds that help individuals drift into light rest. This innovative piece of thing is a common sight if you are working in Google. It is certainly an attractive looking chair with a lot of benefits. Though it looks a bit odd and more like something from the outer world, but it is truly magical.
At around 3.6 Lakh rupees ($ 8000), it would be about twice as costly as the back rub seats that are available in the local market. For such a chair, spending around $8000 isn’t a bad option at all. Who wouldn’t try this? It definitely has an X Factor. The world’s primary chair intended for snoozing in the work place. The EnergyPod consolidates sumptuous solace, inventive innovation and timeless design. The Energy Pod permits people to boost their personal and professional productivity while helping them to keep up a solid way of life.
You can get this super cool chair from Metronaps. There are various colors of it that you can try out and have a magical nap with the help of this Energy Pod.


1. ERGONOMIC PERFECTION – The contour of it takes weight of the cardiovascular framework with the height of the feet and unwinds the muscles of the lower back with a slight twist in the knees.
2. BUILT IN TIMER – Use the one touch i20 feature for an immaculate pre programmed 20 minute snooze or adjust the clock to the length you lean toward.
3. SOOTHING SOUNDS – Specially contrived rhythms play to encourage unwinding and dispose of encompassing diversions.
4. GENTLE WAKING – Wakes tenderly however viably as the Energy Pod executes a customized mix of lights and vibration.
5. TECHNOLOGY – The Energy Pod is controlled by firmware created around a straightforward rule: A 20 minute rest is gainful for prosperity and efficiency. Features incorporate a status marker that conveys when the Energy Pod will next be free and usage tracking to enhance facility management.
6. PRIVACY VISOR – The Energy Pod’s circle gives semi-security without excessively encasing. Rotate the privacy visor for extra seclusion.

A snoozing should not just be functional but easily fit in your work space. The plan is snazzy and ageless. The exemplary Energy Pod comes in white and grey color as well. However, you can modify to any shading, to coordinate your workplace.

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